Aflac Accident Insurance Covered Accidents

Aflac Accident Insurance Covered Accidents
Level 1Personal AccidentIndemnity PlanAccident-Only Insurance Policy Emergency Treatment Follow-Up Treatment Initial Hospitalization Hospital Confinement Physical Therapy Accidental-Death Wellness Plus ...much moreRefer to the policy for complete details, limitations, and exclusions.Accidental-Death and -Dismemberment BenefitsAflac will paythe following benefit for death if it is the resultof injuries sustained in a covered Accidents$100,000$15,000A covered person must be a passenger at the time of thecommon-carrier accident, and a proper authority must havelicensed the vehicle to transport passengers for a fee.Common-carrier vehicles are limited to airplanes, trains,buses, trolleys, and boats that operate on a regularly scheduledbasis between predetermined points or cities.Taxis are notInsured/SpouseChildOther Accidents$25,000$7,500(Other accidents are accidents that are not classified ascommon-carrier accidents and that are not specificallyexcluded in the limitations and exclusions of the policy.)Aflac will paythe following benefit for dismembermentresulting from injuries sustained in a covered accident:Insured/SpouseChildBoth arms and both legs$25,000$7,500Two eyes, feet, hands,arms, or legs$25,000$7,500One eye, foot, hand,arm, or leg$6,250$1,875One or more fingers and/orone or more toes$1,250$500Death or dismemberment must be independent of disease,bodily infirmity, or any other cause other than a coveredaccident and must occur within 90 days of the accident.Onlythe highest single benefit per covered person will be paid foraccidental dismemberment.Benefits will be paid only oncefor any covered accident.If death and dismemberment resultfrom the same accident, only the Accidental-Death Benefitwill be paid.

Loss of use does not constitute dismemberment,except for eye injuries resulting in permanent loss of visionsuch that central visual acuity cannot be corrected to betterWellness BenefitAfter this policy has been in force for 12 months, Aflac will pay $60if you or any one family member undergoes routineexaminations or other preventive testing during the followingpolicy year.Eligible family members are your spouse and thedependent children of you or your spouse.Services covered are:annual physical examinations, dental exams, mammograms,Pap smears, eye examinations, immunizations, flexiblesigmoidoscopies, prostate-specific antigen tests (PSAs),ultrasounds, and blood screenings.

This benefit will becomeavailable following each anniversary of the policys effectivedate for service received during the following policy year and ispayable only once per policy each 12-month period followingthe policy anniversary date
aflac accident insurance covered accidents
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GROUP ACCIDENT INSURANCE AC1 G Peace of Mind and ... Covered Accident means an accident that occurs on or after the Effective Date, ... of Aflac Incorporated. (
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... regardless of other insurance when a covered injury ... the covered accident or discharge from the ... American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus ... (
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Please check your policy for specific benefits covered under your policy. If your Aflac policy ... ACCIDENT WELLNESS BENEFIT ... American Family Life Assurance Company … (
.Service must be under thesupervision of or recommended by a physician and receivedwhile your policy is in force, and a charge must be incurred.Continuation of Coverage BenefitAflac will waive all monthly premiums due for the policy andriders for up to two months if you meet all of the followingconditions: (1) Your policy has been in force for at least sixmonths; (2) we have received premiums for at least sixconsecutive months; (3) your premiums have been paidthrough payroll deduction and you leave your employer forany reason; (4) you or your employer notifies us in writingwithin 30 days of the date your premium payments ceasebecause of your leaving employment; and (5) you re-establishpremium payments, either through your new employerspayroll deduction process or direct payment to Aflac.You willagain become eligible for this benefit after you re-establishyour premium payments through payroll deduction for aperiod of at least six months, and we receive premiums for atleast six consecutive months.(Payroll deduction means yourpremium is remitted to Aflac for you by your employerthrough a payroll deduction process.)Guaranteed-RenewableThis policy is guaranteed-renewable for your lifetime, subjectto Aflacs right to change premiums by class upon anyrenewal date.Effective DateThe effective date of this policy is the date shown on thePolicy Schedule, not the date the application is signed.Thispolicy is available through age 64.The payroll rate may beretained after one months premium payment on payrollYour local Aflac insurance agent/producerAmerican Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac)

Worldwide Headquarters

1932 Wynnton Road

Columbus, Georgia (1.800.992.3522)1.800.SI.AFLAC (1.800.742.3522)Visit our Web site at is ...A Fortune 500 company with assets exceeding $59 billion,insuring more than 40 million people worldwide.Rated AA in insurer financial strength by Standard Poors(April 2004), Aa2 (Excellent) in insurer financial strength byMoodys Investors Service (March 2003), A+ (Superior) byA.M.

Best (June 2004), and AA in insurer financial strengthby Fitch, Inc.(December 2003).*Named by Fortune magazine to its list of Americas MostAdmired Companies for the fifth consecutive year in March 2005.A premier provider of insurance policies with premiums payrolldeducted for more than 300,000 payroll accounts nationally.Outstanding in claims service, with most claims processedwithin four days.Included by Forbes magazine in its annual Platinum 400 Listof Americas Best Big Companies since 2000 (January 2004).Named by Fortune magazine to its list of the 100 BestCompanies to Work For in America for the seventhconsecutive year in January 2005.*Ratings refer only to the overall financial status of Aflac and are notrecommendations of specific policy provisions, rates, or practices..
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Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company is hiring Attention: Aflac Agents
Aflac commercials remind me of how my dad used that to get money when I was in my accident and couldn't work. for himself
Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company is hiring Attention: Aflac Agents
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Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company is hiring Attention: Aflac Agents
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