Blank Acord 28 Form

Blank Acord 28 Form
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WHY DID THE CERTIFICATE CHANGES HAPPEN IN LATE 2009/EARLY 2010?Some of the changes involved formatting enhancements proposed by an ACORD working group, and voted on by our membership.Other changes were made as a result of changes in state insurance department regulatory requirements.As ACORD often does for the sake of efciency in our forms production process, in updated the certicates to reect all necessary revisions.WHAT ERE THE RECENT FORMATTING AND REGULATORY CHANGES THAT LED TO NE RELEASES OF ALL THE CERTIFICATES IN LATE 2009/EARLY 2010?The updates associated with the regulatory requirements involved two areas on these TextNew policy may vary based upon a carrier’s own practices.Some insurance policies include cancellation provisions with allowances for more than one count of days, dependent on the reason for cancellation.

For notice at cancellation may vary based on policy language as well as regulatory , the insurer is not obliged to notify that party.

rst named insured desires a copy of a cancellation notice in the event the policy is cancelled, that party IS THE STATUS OF CERTIFICATE ARE THE ACORD 27 & 28 TITLED “VIDENCE” in the property covered by the policy listed on each.These parties are typically lending institutions and by regulation, are issued as a matter of information only.WHAT IS THE CURRENT AND FUTURE STATUS OF THE ACORD 27 AND of opinions concerning these forms, as well as related formatting enhancements.Active participants unable to come to consensus.The current forms reect the result of required regulatory changes, and formatting changes developed by ACORD members in an ACORD working group, and voted on in our regular maintenance request IS A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE?A certicate of insurance is a document that provides information about insurance policies.

Millions of insurance certicates are issued every year, primarily in the United States.The majority of certicates are issued upon policy renewal to provide this information to third parties.These third parties are known as certicate requestors/holders.

Generally speaking, certicates list one or more lines of insurance, the limits associated with those coverages, and the insurer providing coverage.WHAT CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE DOES ACORD PUBLISH?ACORD publishes the following certicate of insurance DO BROKERS AND AGENTS ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF upon closing or coverage while equipment is in possession of the THE DIFFERENCE BETEEN A CERTIFICATE AND A in any way the terms of an insurance policy.Only an endorsement, rider or amendment to the policy can effect changes in coverage.Reference to a contract between the client and a third party on a certicate does not provide coverage.WHY ARE THERE SEPARATE CERTIFICATES FOR PROPERTY INSURANCE AND LIABILITY INSURANCE?Typically, a property insurance policy obligates the insurer to notify the mortgage holder in the event of policy cancellation.A typical liability insurance policy obligates an insurer to notify only the rst named insured and no one else of policy cancellation, unless the policy is endorsed to provide notice to another party.For this reason, ACORD working groups recommended publishing separate certicates.’M AN INSURANCE PRODUCER, AND A CLIENT HAS ASKED ME TO USE AN OLDER VERSION OF AN ACORD CERTIFICATE–HAT SHOULD

DO?As is true for all ACORD forms, we monitor and revise our forms as regulatory requirements change, and, where necessary, le them with state insurance departments as required.Any earlier editions of our forms that have users use the most current versions of our forms.


DO?You should ask your agency management system vendor if a software update containing current ACORD to forms revisions.To use ACORD forms you have to be licensed by ACORD.Generally speaking, under ACORD’s present licensing , it is easy to become licensed through ACORD’s Advantage program.(The program is detailed at ).Regardless of where users lawfully obtain ACORD forms, it is strongly suggested that they regularly go to ACORD’s website (, follow the instructions to download the current versions.

Once a form is outdated, ACORD no longer checks on whether it remains regulatorily compliant.Thus, anyone using an outdated form does so at great risk
blank acord 28 form
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JUNE 28,2010 ACORD is receiving numerous inquiries regarding the need to use only the most recent ... as well as the ACORD 101 Additional Remarks Form may be (
.You should consult with your legal adviser on how ACORD’s licensing requirements apply to your situation and how you may be affected in the future by any changes ACORD may make to its present licensing structure.It’s important to note that what’s said in this FAQ is not intended to serve as legal advice and is only a general statement not directed to any particular set of facts..

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ACORDForms NoticeJUNE 28,2010ACORD is receiving numerous inquiries regarding the need to use only the most recent version of our forms, including the ACORD 25–Certicate of Liability.As explained in more detail in the FAQ on U.S.ACORD certicates published on our website earlier this year (), any editions of our forms that have been withdrawn from the forms library are not kept up-to-date as to regulatory requirements, and therefore should not be distributed for use.It is imperative that all ACORD forms users use the most current versions of our forms.

A revised edition of the ACORD 25 was published in October 2009.One of the more signicant changes was to the language referencing policy cancellation provisions.Here iscomparison of the old and new text:Old TextNew TextSHOULD ANY OF THE ABOVE DESCRIBED POLICIES BE CANCELLED BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE THEREOF, THE ISSUING INSURER WILL ENDEAVOR TO MAIL __ DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE TO THE CERTIFICATE HOLDER NAMED TO THE LEFT, BUT FAILURE TO DO SO SHALL IMPOSE NO OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY OF ANY KIND UPON THE INSURER, ITS AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES.SHOULD ANY OF THE ABOVE DESCRIBED POLICIES BE CANCELLED BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE THEREOF, NOTICE WILL BE DELIVERED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE POLICY PROVISIONS.The word “endeavor” was removed because policy cancellation provisions generally don’t use the word “endeavor”.Only a policy can obligate an insurer to provide notice of cancellation.Unless a policy’s provisions explicitly provide for notice to a party also listed as the certicate holder on the certicate of insurance, the insurer is not obliged to notify that party.The new language is compliant with state insurance regulatory requirements in all states, and specically responsive to bulletins issued last year by the South Dakota Insurance Department.Since the form is national, not state-specic and is led where required, only theversion of the form containing the new language should be used in all states.Certicates of insurance may be viewed as a summarized reection of an insurance policy and are only informational.The policy is the denitive source for its provisions, not the certicate.If any party in addition to the rst named insured desires a copy of a cancellation notice in the event the policy is cancelled, that party should be expressly endorsed onto the policy as a cancellation notice recipient.A Certicate of Insurance/Evidence of Insurance form includes, following the “Coverages” section, a eld for “Description of Operations” and/or “Remarks”, and that section, or an Additional Remarks Section, as well as the ACORD 101 Additional Remarks Form may be used to copy verbatim information in the policy such as the specic number of days of written notice.Be aware that using a certicate or other form in an attempt to vary policy terms presents legal risks, including violation of insurance regulatory requirements, and should not be engaged in without prior consultation with insurance carriers, policies and legal counsel.www.acord.org07.20.10.
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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS If you have questions concerning the form, please contact Joel Volker at (845) 620-1700 ext.422 or you have questions concerning the real estate implications, please contact Katie Schwarting at (202) 557-2472 or you have questions concerning the technology uses of the ACORD Form 28, please contact Dan Szparaga at (202) 557-2805 or szparaga@mortgagebankers.org21.

What is the difference between ACORD 28, Evidence of Commercial Property Insurance, and ACORD 24, Certificate of Property Insurance?ACORD 28 conveys to the holder of the form all the rights that go with the policy, including notice of cancellation.

These "rights" apply only to individuals identified in the policy, such as mortgage holders.

ACORD 24 conveys only information about existing insurance coverage to parties that are interested in such coverage, but have no insurable interest.

These parties have no rights granted by the policy.@ 2003 Mortgage Bankers Association 1919 Pennsylvania Ave.


Washington, DC 20006-3404

(202) 557-2700.

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