Construction Material Submittal Example

Construction Material Submittal Example
Construction submittal and shop drawing liability

2007 Submittal Exchange, LLC

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Shop Drawings

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Submittal Exchange, LLC

Page 6 of companies can struggle with enforcing a consistent, standard submittal process across multiple offices or between different project managers in the same office.

Submittal Exchange provides a consistent, uniform platform across the entire company.

Reminders to keep the process on track.

The Submittal Exchange site sends automatic reminders if a submittal has sat for too long without being reviewed.

The importance of a systematic reminder process is noted as well in the Lessons in Professional Liability publication.

Removing the risk of error in hand copying notes.

In many offices, it is common practice to hand copy notations and corrections to six, eight, or more paper copies of.

Every new copy is a riskwhat if a critical note is forgotten on just one copy of the document?

Often times the task of copying notes is assigned to interns or administrative personnel, reducing labor cost but increasing risk as the individual copying the notes may not fully understanding their meaning.

Step-by-step version histories.

Submittal Exchange provides a clear, step-by-step version history of every document through every step of the review process.

This version history can be a critical piece of backup documentation should a question arise about what change was made when, or how long a document sat before being reviewed and returned to the contractor.

Central list of required submittals.

Project logs on the Submittal Exchange site can be set to include a full listing of all required submittals for the project based on the specifications manual, allowing the architect and contractor to coordinate from a central list, and ensuring both that all required items are received and that items not required by the specifications can be avoided.

OLearys article in Design Cost Data discusses the importance of this: Architects should be certain that all specified submittals are actually received from the contractor.

construction material submittal example
Construction Submittal And Shop Drawing Liability
Construction Submittal and Shop Drawing Liability ... Submittal Exchangeâ„¢ system is an example of an electronic submittal management tool that architects, (
Project Id: Originator: Subcontract : Project Name: Item ...
Construction Document Processing Items listed above to be completed by Originator. Transmitted by: ... Submittal reviewed and distributed by: See Below (
Keynotes No. 5 - Understanding Submittals
With a major project in construction, you immediately ... maintenance material submittal, ... example, the Section could ... (

If shop drawings of a certain trade have been specified, but not submitted and therefore not reviewed, the architect could be found negligent if mistakes were carried out in the construction which could have been prevented if the shop drawings had been checked.

Setting a submittal schedule.

The submittal log on Submittal Exchange can also include expected dates for when a contractor anticipates submittals arriving, based on their project workflow.

Proper scheduling of dates in advance helps avoid submittal dumping, a practice where a large pile of paper submittals arrives on a reviewers desk at one time, forcing them either to delay some items or to rush through them without proper time spent on full review.

Keeping the client in the loop.

Many facility owners do not understand the importance or function of the submittal process.

However, othersparticularly those who build more frequentlyrequest to be kept updated on submittal progress or even receive copies of submittal documents.

(OLeary also discusses this in his article, stating that it is beneficial to keep the client in the loop and aware of the submittal process.)

The Submittal Exchange system allows clients and facility owners to monitor the submittal process or to view individual documents easily online.

Submittal Exchange also provides a CD or DVD archive copy of all submittals once construction is complete, which the client can then utilize for future facility maintenance and record keeping.

Increased accountability.

If questions do arise over actions or timing of a particular submittal, all of the information, history, and backup are in one place so no one can point fingers at each other or disagree over a sequence of events.An organized, efficient submittal review process is critical to reduce risks to all parties involved with a major construction project.

While there is no substitute for professional judgment, the organizational issues associated with submittal review can cause headaches and lead to claims down the road.

The Submittal Exchange system can mitigate these risks by providing a platform for consistent, efficient, highly organized submittal review, reducing common risks as compared to the traditional paper-based submittal process.Copyright

2007 Submittal Exchange, LLC

Page 5 of 7 The Submittal Exchange system as a tool for mitigating riskSubmittal Exchange is a comprehensive, secure, web-based management tool for submittal exchange, review, and archiving.

With four years of development to date, the Submittal Exchange system is currently in use by leading professional firms, contractors, and facility owners across the upper Midwest.

The system has been built by architects, engineers, and contractors who sought a better solution for the submittal process, one that would reduce the time, frustration, and risk associated with submittal review.Submittal Exchange provides a central website where submittal files are uploaded, downloaded, and automatically tracked step-by-step through the entire review process.

The system is structured to make the submittal process as organized an
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