Current Military Operations

Current Military Operations
Afghanistan and Middle Ea Operation SLIPPER is Australia's military contribution to the international campaign against terrorism, maritime security in the Middle East Area of Operations anFrigate HMAS Toowoomba.Operation PALATE II is the ADF con (UNAMA).Two Australian Army Officers serve as military advisersUnit.defends homeland Australia and its assets.The Operation RESOLUTE Area of Operations covers approximately 10% of the world’s surface and includes Austthe mainland, Christmas, Cocos,

Operation ASTUTE is the ADF’s continuing contribution to the maintenance of peace and stability in East Timor.The operation commenced in 2006 following a request from the Government of Timor Leste to the Australian Government for the creation of a multi-national security force to assiTimor Leste.

The force, called the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) in East

and currently consists of approximately 460 personnel from the Australian (almost 390 personnel) and New Zealand (70 personnel) Defence Forces.

is the ADF’s contribution to the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT), which plays a crucial role in security reform within East Timor.Solomon Islands Operation ANODE is the name of the ADF contribution to the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).The military componenpersonnel from four troop-contributing nations - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Tonga.

The main task for the curity for RAMSI's multinational Participating Police Force (PPF) that works alongside the Royal Solomon Islands Police in maintaining law and order.The current ADF contribution, in addition to the Commander, is about 80 Reserve troops to the Ta13th Brigade based in Western Australia
current military operations
Australian Defence Force Current Operations
military component is to provide security for RAMSI's multinational ... ADF personnel deployed on current operations (approximate numbers) Operation SLIPPER … (
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Although the current military occupation of Iraq falls in a gray area that ... U.S. Military Operations, for more information on the U.S. military presence there.) (
.Egypt and the Middle East Peace Process Twenty-five ADF members working under Operation Mazurkaassisting the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai, ganisation established in 1981 to oversee long-standing peace agreements in the region.

Twelve ADF members are committed to Operation PaladinJerusalem, contributing to the UN Truce Supervision Organisation lished in 1948 to supervise the truce agreed at the conclusion of the first Arab-Israeli War.

Iraq Operation Kruger is the ADF’s contribution to the provision of security for the Australian embassy and its staff in Iraq.

Approximately 33 Defence persounits, are currently deployed with the latest security detachment g security arrangements to a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade contract.

Two ADF military advisers are also deployed in support of , the ADF's contribution to the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).Sudan Operation Azure is the deployment of ADF personnel to the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

The ADF contingent of 17 includes six military observers and 11 other personnel who specialise in air movements, aviation safety and logistic support.

There are also eight ADF members with the African Union / United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) under Operation Hedgerow.UNAMID is helping to protect civilians, facilitate humanitarian aid, and assist the political process in Darfur.

ADF personnel deployed on current operations (approximate numbers) (Afghanistan) 1550 Operation SLIPPER 830 Middle East maritime Operation PALATE II 2 Border protection Operation Resolute 400 Operation ASTUTE 400 East Timor Operation TOWER 4 Operation Mazurka 25 Egypt and Middle East Peace Process Operation Paladin 12 Operation Kruger 33 Iraq Operation Riverbank 2 Solomon Islands Operation Anode 80 Operation Azure 17 Sudan Operation Hedgerow 8.
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