Daisy Powerline 35 Parts List

Daisy Powerline 35 Parts List
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NOT A TOY.ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED.MISUSE ORCARELESS USE MAY CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.MAY BE DANGEROUS UPTO257 YARDS (235 METERS).THIS IS A HIGH POWER AIR GUN RECOMMENDED FOR USE BY THOSE 16 YEARS OF Operation ManualMODEL 953 BySINGLE - PUMP PNEUMATICHOW TO OPERATE:Be sure gun is always pointed in a safe direction.Never point the gun at anyone.Always assume and handle the gun as if it were loaded and ready to fire.Step 1.

OPENBOLTPull the bolt handle fully to the rear.Then, release your hold on the bolt handle, leaving the boltSee Drawing 2See Drawing 2Step 2.

PUTTRIGGERSAFETYThe bolt must be opened, then the trigger safety is pushed from the left to right so thatSee Drawing No.3See Drawing No.3the trigger safety ON until actually ready to fire the gun.ONCEONCEIMPORTANT: Do not pump over one time.This gunis designed to produce a maximum velocity using asingle pump stroke.

Additional pump strokes mayresult in serious damage to the gun.The bolt must beopened to pump gun.For greater safety, we recommendGrasp the pump handle.

Pull out and forward as far aspossible.You should hear a fresh charge of air beingBe sure to grasp pump handle firmly as you close the lever to prevent it from snapping back and causing possible injury.Also be careful to keep fingers out of cockingStep 5.



CLOSEBOLTPush the bolt handle fully forward.

This will chamber a pellet.See Drawing No.8See Drawing No.8The gun is now loaded and ready to fire.Step 6.

AIMATSAFETARGETAim the gun at a safe target.To be a consistent marksman, usethe correct sight picture each time you fire your gun (See DrawingUse extra caution in selecting a safe targetand backstop.This gun should not be used with BB gun targetsStep 7.

TAKETRIGGERSAFETYWhen you are certain the target, backstop and surrounding area is safe, push the trigger safetyRED SHOWING ON LEFTRED SHOWING ON LEFTStep 8
daisy powerline 35 parts list
Model 953 By - Daisy Outdoor Products
EXTERIOR PARTS:Exposed ... Included in the material accompanying each new PowerLine® is a check list ... to contact Daisy at 1-800-643-3458 or one of these ... (daisy.com)
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These are the main characteristics and parts of the Daisy 853C air rifle and the pellets used with this rifle: a. Action – single pump pneumatic, straight pull-bolt; b. (daisy.com)

FIREbut firmlybut firmlyRepeat Steps 1 through 8 to continue shooting, using the appropriate loading procedure.NOTE:If a pellet does not fire after completing the operation steps, the gun is jammed.This can be a dangerous condition until corrected.Open the bolt and put ON trigger safety immediately.If the bolt is not completely closed, donot try to close it until after opening it by pulling the bolt handle all the way back.The gun will notKeep the gun pointed in a safe direction and perform the following steps.1.

Open bolt.OFF and fire the gun.If the pellet still does not fire, follow these steps carefully:1.Open boltno red showingno red showingdamage the bolt tip by pushing the rod through too hard.Do not re-use the pellet.4.

Repeat operation steps 1 through 8.If after following the firing procedure the projectile is not fired, return your gun to Daisy (See REPAIR OF DAISY GUNSBOLT HANDLENO.8FRONTSIGHTREARSIGHTNO.

9Before putting the gun away in a cabinet or gun rack, shoot the gun at a safe target to make surethe pump system and barrel are empty.Then, open the bolt and place the trigger safety ON, thenStore projectiles in a separate location from the gun to keep it away from untrained shooters.MODIFICATION:The components of this gun were engineered to deliver optimum performance.

Any modification or tampering with a gun may cause a malfunction and may make itA GUN THAT IS NOT OPERATING PROPERLY MAY BE DANGEROUS.


YEAR WARRANTYFor one year from date of purchase, Daisy will repair or replace and return this gun, free of charge,if defective in material or workmanship.Service is available by returning the gun to Daisy Outdoorrefer to important note belowrefer to important note belowsales slipsales sliptransportation prepaid to Daisy.This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also haveother rights which may vary from state to state.You can return your inoperative rifle to Daisy for repair via UnitedParcelService.GUNS OUT OF WARRANTY:If your PowerLineneeds repair, please call 1-800-713-2479 for repair charges.

Daisy willrepair the gun or replace it with a reconditioned gun of the same model, if available; otherwise, witha model of equivalent quality.Daisy Outdoor ProductsService Department.
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