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Dolphin Browser For Windows
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1.Index ..1 2.

About this Booklet 8 3.

How to Install Guide ..9 3.1 Before installing Guide .9 3.2 Installing Guide from a CD ...10 3.3 Installing the Guide Pen ..

10 3.4 Removing the Pen from the host computer ..11 3.5 Multi-user or networked installations ...

11 3.6 Guide Installation help and support ....12 3.7 Activating Guide ....13 3.7.1 Activating Guide through the Internet .13 3.7.2 Activating Guide by telephone .

14 3.8 Removing Guide or moving Guide to a new machine ..15 3.8.1 Uninstalling Guide

15 3.8.2 Moving Guide to a new machine ...15 3.8.3 De-activating Guide ...

15 3.8.4 Re-activating Guide on a new machine ..

15 3.9 Changing how Guide starts ..16 3.10 Keeping the Guide program up to date ..16 4.Using Guide for the First Time ...

17 4.1 Starting Guide ..17 4.2 Getting help and support .17 4.3 Using the Guide menus ..

18 4.4 Customising Guide 19 4.5 Configuring Guide for Internet access

20 4.5.1 Dial-up broadband or dial-up modem .20 4.5.2 Corporate network or permanent broadband ....21 4.5.3 Manual settings ....21 Page 2

4.6 Configuring Guide for email .21 4.6.1 Adding new email settings for the first time ..21 4.6.2 Changing email settings .22 4.7 Solving common Internet and email problems ...24 4.7.1 Frequently Asked Questions ....24 5.An Introduction to Reading and Writing Emails

25 5.1 Writing a new email ....25 5.1.1 Writing one email to several people ...

27 5.2 Retrieving emails that have been sent to you ....27 5.3 Reading and replying to an email ..

28 5.4 Deleting an email ..

32 5.5 Finding an email ....33 6.An Introduction to Letters and Documents ..

34 6.1 Writing a new document .34 6.2 Formatting the document 35 6.3 Spell checking the document ....

36 6.4 Printing the document 39 6.5 Saving the document .41 6.6 Finding the saved document again

42 6.7 More advanced documents ..

43 6.7.1 Inserting Images ...44 6.7.2 Selecting images and resizing .45 6.7.3 Page Layout View 45 6.7.4 Moving to the start of a particular page ...48 6.7.5 Print Options ...

48 6.8 Open PDF Document .51 6.8.1 Line by Line Mode 51 6.8.2 Paragraph Mode ..

52 6.8.3 Magnify Only Mode ...

53 7.Introduction to using the Internet ...55 Page 3

8.An Introduction to the Full Guide Web Browser ....

56 8.1 Starting the Web Browser ....56 8.2 Typing in a web address .57 8.3 Moving between the address box and the Web page ..60 8.4 Typing a command into the address box .

61 8.5 Quickly exploring a webpage ....62 8.6 Closing the Web Browser ....62 8.7 Searching the Web ....62 8.8 Favourite Websites, history and other options ...64 8.9 Changing magnification ..65 8.10 Automatic
Management requirements
Fileserver ConnectionRemote Desktop connection congured for access on the serverRemote Desktop connection congured with Domain Admin access on the serverRemote Desktop must be congured with administrative rights for Dolphin Support.Speed Internet access is required (DSL equivalent).Remote Desktop Connection or VNC (free) is available from the server to all pcs on the LAN running Dolphin and Dolphin support is notied of these usernames/passwords.This Remote Connection must be set up 2 weeks before the 1st Phone Training.Operating SystemWindows XP Professional/Vista Business (Stand alone, for 5 concurrent users or less)Windows Small Business Server 2011PremiumFor small and medium networks Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium provides a limited Server platform bundled with SQL Server 2008 Standard edition.Dolphin supports both 32Bit and 64Bit Server Operating Systems.Workgroup / DomainWorkgroup (non-server OS with 5 concurrent users or less)Active Directory Domain ( Included with Microsoft Server 2008 Standard and SBS)When a Server operating system is used, a Domain is required.Microsoft CALs client access licenses are required for each station accessing your server.

Contact Dolphin for more information or see Services (if needed)Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 32 bit Windows Server 2008 Standard R2If Terminal Services is needed for remote locations or thin clients, in a SBS network, a separate Server 2008 Standard R2 is required
dolphin browser for windows
Dolphin Guide User Manual - Dolphin Computer Access - Screen ...
browser with some demonstration web pages on the Dolphin Guide website. On the Web Browser Menu select option 1 for the Full ... Microsoft Windows Live or … (
Component Minimum Recommended Notes
Remote Desktop must be configured with administrative rights for Dolphin Support. ... Windows Supported Scanner TWAIN Driver Compatible Fujitsu, ... default browser. (
Lesson Overview - Adobe
• Preview animations in ImageReady and in a Web browser. ... and a dolphin swimming along and releasing bubbles ... (Windows) or Return ... (
.DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server 2005/Express

(for ofces with 5 concurrent users or less)Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard EditionMS SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition is included in MS-Small Business Server 2008 R2 Premium Edition.Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express is acceptable for 5 concurrent users or less.All appropriate Service Packs should be loaded.SQL 2008 2008 R2 (CPU)Intel or compatible Pentium 4 1.3 GHzIntel Dual Core XEON 2.4 GHz or higherOn a Terminal Server with 10 thin clients connecting or more, dual processor conguration is required.Memory (RAM)Minimum of 4 GB RAM16 GB RAM or higher with 2008 ServerMemory requirements depend on operating system conguration, database size and user load.Hard Drive40 GB freespace on partition with Image les and SQL databaseRAID controller disk highly recommendedActual requirements will vary based on your system conguration and the applications and features you choose to install.Video/GraphicsXGA (1024x768)XGA (1024x768)Monitor15” monitor XGA (1024x768) or higher resolution required15” monitor XGA (1024x768) or higher resolution Dolphin for more informationDVD-ROM Management RequirementsThe minimum hardware and software requirements for running Dolphin Management are listed in the following tables.We highly recommend that you consult your local Information Technology (IT) specialist for more information.We want to assist in taking your practice to the latest and best in management software.

For more information, please contact one of our sales consultants at or visit us on-line at These specications are for reference only.Your specic conguration may vary depending on your practice.

This information may be subject to Antivirus or equivalent software is recommended.Frequent updates to virus subscription are extremely important.Word ProcessorMS-Word 2003, 2007, 2010MS-Word 2003 or higherMicrosoft Word is needed if you use the Dolphin Letter System (DLS).We are compatible with Ofce 2003, 2007, and 2010 32-bit, but only the Home and Student, Home and Business, and Professional editions.We do not support the University, or 2010 64-bit editions.If you are running a 64-bit edition of the Windows Operating System you may still use Ofce 2010 32-bit edition.If you are using DLS under Windows 7, we require Ofce 2007 or Ofce 2010, not Ofce 2003.NetworkTCP/IPTCP/IPTCP/IP must be enabled at the operating system level before installing Dolphin Management.For more information, see requires incoming and outgoing FTP access to our ftp server.VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are allowed for Microsoft RRAS (Routing and Remote Access Service).Third party VPNs like Cisco are not supported.RRAS is bundled with Windows 2003 server.Thin ClientsThin Client /Terminal Services is an acceptable alternative to using PCs as workstations.You can purchase thin client machines or use older PCs as terminal server clients.NOTE: Wyse is the world wide leader in Thin Clients, see their website at: for more information.Remote Ofce Conguration (connecting to the main ofce) � i i L i V i V i / i - i V i i i i 7

i V v V i i v i i i v w V i V * 6 *

i i i v i i i i i V i V i i i 7 - i i n - , - - i i n - acceptable.We recommend 128MB RAM dedicated to each remote connection. i i i i i V i V i i V i i i i - i i - i - i i n * i one server running Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 with 128MB RAM allocated for each remote connection.Please contact Dolphin Technical Support for details on conguring your system to use Thin Client technology or Remote Ofce Conguration.Broadband SpeedsSingle Ofce Broadband Speeds (for Dolphin Support)Minimum Download/UploadRecommended Broadband Speeds U 7 i i V i n L v i V i i i i i i i v w V i U 7 i i V i n L v i V i i i i i i i i i v w V i Minimum Download/UploadRecommended (1-5 w/s)768K/512K768K/768KRemote (5-12 w/s)1.5MB/1.5MB2.0MB/2.0MBNo Dial-up or satellite connections allowed.IP Addre
The Evernote Web Clipper is integrated into the Dolphin browser. Have wanted this on iPad for some time.
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