Email Closing Salutations Business

Email Closing Salutations Business
1111063915 writing professional letters
Are still a necessary communication tool.You usually write letters to communicate withsages to colleagues.Besides the words you write on the page, your letters design and for-mat your letters.You also learn how to write business letters that respond to requests, con-vince readers to take action, and express goodwill.Ron Dawson, vice president ofmarketing at Quest Specialty Travel, has received a few customer inquiries recently, and heon a marketing letter to send to anyone who has enrolled on a Quest tour.Write business lettersWrite routine lettersWrite persuasive lettersWrite for goodwillE-1.docE-2.docFiles You Will UNITEWrittenmail and faxes, when you need to communicate with suppliers, other businesses, and most importantly,letters.Before you start working on the letters Ron Dawson asked you to write, you want to Communicate with someone you dont knowIf you need to communicate with someone you havent met or dont know personally, send a business let-Document your communicationIf you need to maintain a written record of formal communication with someone outside your company, aDeliver bad news or discuss a sensitive matterA business letter printed on company stationery conveys more formality and respect than channels such ase-mail.Composing a written letter shows your reader that you take its subject seriously.In addition, busi-Develop goodwillA written letter is appropriate when you want to offer thanks, congratulations, sympathy, or apologies.Ineach case, a letterincluding the stationery, typeface, and signatureexpresses emotion more effectivelyDeliver a message as quickly as possibleexpress services are an option, though delivery costs are high.Contact someone with whom you have a good working relationshipFor day-to-day communication with someone you know, a letter is generally too formal.Exceptions areWrite about a routine subjectE-mail is popular because its efficient, and phone calls and visits are more personal than written messages.maintain confidentiality, express formality, or deliver persuasive arguments, use e-mail or phone calls.DETAILSWriting Professional LettersWritten Communication 106UNITEWrittenYou can send a letterQUICK TIPYou usually sendcompany.QUICK PM

Page 106Written Communication 107Writing Professional LettersWritten badCommunicateDevelopgoodwillIn 1975, Martin Conroy, an advertising executive, wrote a letter as aWall Street Journallongest running direct response letter ever written.Its the Hamlet,tell an engaging story.

The letter begins with the lines, On a beautifulated from the same college.They were very much alike, these twofor a reunion.They are still very much alike and even work for thesame company, except one is the manager of a small department andWall StreetSources: Fox, Margalit, Martin Conroy obituary, The New York Timesber 22, 2006, and Brand Story, Wall Street PM

Page 107Before you write a business letter, establish the goal or purpose of the communication.Are you making arequest, responding to an inquiry, documenting a decision, or acknowledging an action? Next, considerprofessionalism and simplifies your task as a writer.Ron gives you a letter from a customer inquir-ing about ecotours to the Caribbean and Central America.You begin a letter in response using the blockstyle on Quest stationery.1.Letterhead Most business letters are written on letterhead stationery that includes the company name, street address,telephone and fax numbers, and Web site address.A logo usually identifies the organization.Figure E-3shows the letterhead for Quest Specialty Travel.2.DatelineStart with todays date.

Spell the name of the month and use all four digits in the year.

Always use the cur-rent date for your letters.Dont pre- or postdate business letters.3.Inside address The inside address includes basic information about the recipient: name, title, and the organizations name4.Salutation followed by the readers name, as in Dear Ms.Alvarez5.IntroductionYour first paragraph should directly express the purpose of your letter.

Explain why you are writing so thatyour reader can anticipate and better understand your message.Use a polite and conversational tone.Avoidcanned introductory statements.6.Body7.ClosingInclude a closing paragraph that gracefully concludes the letter.Dont abruptly end a business letter.Instead, end with an expression of goodwill, a polite comment or observation, or a request to take aspecific action.8.Complimentary close and signatureEnd the letter with a complimentary close such as SincerelyCordiallylines below the complimentary close to leave room for your handwritten signature.Writing Professional LettersWritten Communication TRY ITing a business letter,QUICK TIPcopy.1.Use a word processor such as Microsoft Office Word to open the file BusinessLetter.doc2.Replace the missing elements and reorganize the material so it follows the standard for-3.Save and close BusinessLetter.doc, then submit it to your instructor as requestedUNITEWrittenThe closing statementcan express good-your reader to take aQUICK PM

Page 108Written Communication 109Writing Professional LettersFIGURE E-2:Standard business letter formatWritten addressSalutationPurpose of the letterDetails related to your messageRequest for action or goodwill closeand signatureFIGURE E-3:Customer letter and response on Quest PM

Page 109When you write a business letter, you are establishing an image of yourself and the organization that youto make a positive impression on your reader.

See Figure E-4.In addition to writing a letter aboutincluding one in France and the other to the dean of a college.You plan to use the same letter with slight1.Salutation formatTitle NameMr.or Ms.for the courtesy title, unless you are addressing someone with a formal title such as Dr.2
email closing salutations business
Writing Professional Letters
Follow salutations in business corre-spondence with a colon (:), and follow salutations in personal letters with a comma (,). 3. ... Closing Business Letters (
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Closing 6. Signature B. A business letter must include the inside address, which is not a part of a personal letter. Also, the language of a business letter is more ... (
.Punctuation The punctuation in your salutation signals the intent of your letter.

Follow salutations in business corre-3.First names When writin
Materials and Exercises 1999 WRITING LETTERSACADEMIC ENGLISHACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThe following persons have contributed to the development of this learning material:Content and Structure:Curriculum Developer(s)

Leslie Childs..English Curriculum Content Expert

New Brunswick Community CollegeBathurstProject Supervision/Co-ordination:Angela Acott-Smith..Project Co-ordinatorNew Brunswick Community College..WoodstockKay Curtis....Literacy Co-ordinator..WoodstockThis document is available full-text on the World Wide Web thanks to

the National Adult Literacy Database.
The financial support for this learning materials project was provided by the Winter 1999This support module may be used with BAU-ENG 6.9, Letters,

and IAU-ENG 2.7,Writing Letters.BAU-ENG 6.9LETTERSUpon successful completion of this unit, the learner will be able to
1.compose a friendly/informal letter.
2.prepare a letter for mailing.TEACHING POINTSLevelsalutation, body, closing5/6correct punctuation of parts of the friendly/informal letter5/6fold letter correctly5/6correct format for address5/6correct postal codes: e.g.NB, ON, SK5/6correct format and placement of postal codes5/6size of envelope5/6return address5/6to correspond with friend5/6letter to the teacher5/6letter to “Dear Abby”5/6informal invitation, letter of regret, letter of condolence5/6Learners should be encouraged to write “real” letters wherever possible in this module.

Inaddition, learners may take over the responsibility of writing letters associated with the day today activities of the class, e.g.inviting and thanking speakers, thanking donors, etc.IAU-ENG 2.9WRITING LETTERSOBJECTIVEUpon successful completion of this unit, the learner will be able to

plan and write friendly and formal letters.

plan and write business letters.
3.prepare letters for mailing.TEACHING POINTSLevelParts: date, salutation, body, closing72Appropriate content7Correct address position and format74Return address75Folding and inserting letter correctly7Parts: return and inside address, salutation, body, closing87Types: : full block812

block (sometimes called modified block)813

modified block (sometimes called modified with indents814Structure: 1 paragraph-general statement8
2 paragraph-specific details8nd16
3 paragraph-specific request8Special Parts: subject line918
copy line919
enclosure line920
typist’s identification9NOTE TO FACILITATORS AND LEARNERS:1.This module, Writing Letters, presents information and exercises to accompany theobjectives of BAU-ENG 6.9, Letters, and IAU-ENG 2.7, Writing Letters.Learners working to complete the requirements of BAU-ENG should complete all thesections on PERSONAL LETTERS plus the section on ENVELOPES located on page42.Learners working to complete the requirements of IAU-ENG should review the section onPERSONAL LETTERS before starting work on BUSINESS LETTERS.4.Facilitators are free to use any support materials appropriate to their learners’ needs.5.Additional resource materials will probably be required for those wanting moreinformation on this topic or for those needing more practice mastering certain areas.

Anytext on writing can provide additional useful material.6.Alternate support materials may be appropriate.7.Some confusion may arise from the names of the three business letter formats.

Differenttexts use different names and some are contradictory.

Learners should know how torecognize each format according to its features.8.Writing is always the best to learn how to write.

Learners should be encouraged to write“real” letters wherever possible in this module and actually send them.

In addition,learners should take the responsibility to write letters associated with the day to dayrunning of the class.

e.g.letters to invite and thank speakers, letters requesting researchinformations, etc.9.It

is the learner’s responsibility to search out additional exercises to supplement thepractice work included in this module by consulting with his/her facilitator.11Do NOT write in this module.

Please make your notes and complete the exercises in yourown notebooks so that other learners may also use these of Personal Letters .5Folding / 15BUSINESS Parts of a Business Letter Body of a Business of Business Business PRE-PRINTED STYLES 25ADDRESSING ENG ENG KEY FOR IAU ENG this module on letter writing, you will have an opportunity to investigate aspecial kind of writing that is particularly useful in your everyday life, at home andat work.To create an effective letter, writer needs three sets of skills:10.A good knowledge of mechanics (spelling, grammar, etc.)11.The ability to structure good sentences and paragraphs12.A familiarity with the conventions readers have come to expectwhen reading letters.You have already had a lot of practice with the first twoskills.

The only one left to master is the conventions(arrangement of details) within the letter.People communicate every day by

telephone,computer e-mail, the Internet, and that modern marvel,the "fax" machine, where an exact copy of any documentis transferred thousands of miles over telephone cables.

Does anyone still write letters?The answer is a strong and definite, yes.

Letter writing is still important.

It issometimes easier to write down our feelings and thoughts than it is to speak them.It also remains less expensive to mail a letter to family or friends than to call longdistance or pay for access to a computer and e-mail.

For conducting personalbusiness, such as requesting services from a company, complaining about products,applying for employment, and contacting the editor of a local newspaper, lettersrema
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