Example Of A Rebus Story

Example Of A Rebus Story
Rebus Story DESCRIPTION: Students will create a rebus story.TECHNOLOGY SKILLS: Students will use the text tool and the stamp tool.TEKS • 1.17 develops foundations of writing • 1.18 writes for a variety of audiences/purposes in a variety of forms.• 1.20 spells proficiently • 1.21 composes meaningful text • 1.22 evaluates own writing and others’ DURATION OF LESSON: Days in the classroom: 1 Sessions in the lab:1 MATERIALS: Example of a rebus story PREREQUISITE TECHNOLOGY SKILLS FOR TEACHERS: • Teachers should know how to use tools and stamps in Kid Pix
example of a rebus story
Winter Rebus Story Project
Winter Rebus Story Project After reading holiday/seasonal rebus stories, students will create their own rebus stories using PowerPoint software and will publish them ... (pflugervilleisd.net)
John 3: Bible In Basic English In Rebus
Rebus Bible - John 3 These rebus puzzle stories use little pictures for the sound of some of the words in the story instead of the meaning. For example, when the ... (thematzats.com)
Handy Handouts - Super Duper Publications - Fun Learning …
2. Read the story and stop at the rebus words and let your child fill them in. 3. ... The following articulation rebus example is from “Say and Do”® Rebus for (rebuspuzzlestories.com)
.PREQUISITE TECHNOLOGY SKILLS FOR STUDENTS: • Students should know how to use the text tool and the stamp tool.• Students should know how to print their work.BEFORE GOING TO THE LAB (TEACHERS): • Read over activity.• Read Spot’s Walk in the Woods by Eric Hill or

composed to show the class an example of a rebus story.Procedure: 1.Explain to students that they will be using KidPix to write a rebus story.2.Students should type their storiestamp the symbols into their stories.

3.Students should save and print their work.Assessment • The students drew each of the shapes correctly.

• The student used the line tool and shape tool correctly.• The student used the text tool correctly.

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