Free Prayer Points Elisha Goodman

Free Prayer Points Elisha Goodman
Special Report
The Confidential Prayer Manuscript to Release your Godly Spouse from the Evil Warehouse

Prepared Exclusively for Christian Singles Who Would Like to Get Married Within ONE Year!


Elisha Goodman,

Founder, ePrayer Academy Firesprings Inc.

The information in this document is purely confidential and may not be sold.If you received this document from anyone other than an authorized subscriber to, you have received stolen materials.This information may not be quoted, paraphrased or otherwise copied in any manner without express written permission from the publisher.Elisha Goodman’s Special Report for Christian Singles
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Elisha Goodman’s Special Report for Christian Singles
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How To Release your Godly Spouse

from the Evil Warehouse

The information contained in this manuscript will enable you to:

Meet and recognize your God-ordained spouse within ONE year from today.

Overcome the spiritual barriers set up against marriages and relationships in the spiritual realm.

Force any power that had “swallowed” your marital virtues to vomit them without delay.

Seal all spiritual holes that make it impossible for many people to stay in a relationship for long.

Prevent your would-be spouse from being diverted into evil warehouses in the spirit summer in preparation for the Prayer Marathon for Singles, I released a FREE Special Report entitled,

“The 9 Mistakes Almost All Christian Singles Make (Including The Top 3 Mistakes Even The Expert Counselors Don’t Know They Are Making)”

This report was downloaded by thousands before I took it down (it is still available in the Singles Membership Area that I recently set up.)

Elisha Goodman’s Special Report for Christian Singles
Page 3 of 23 , there was a chapter missing from that Report.And that is what you are now holding in your hands.If you read that Report, you will understand where this fits and how you can apply simple principles in the Bible (with targeted prayer points) to make your wedding a reality within the next 1 year.

The Prayer Marathon for Singles itself produced many wonderful testimonies, like this “double” one for the email.Indeed God answers prayers.

I crossed the path of your life about same period in May last year 2006 and ever since my life has not remained the same.Thanks to the prayer points.I have a great testimony.By then I was

a single man but now a married man.I participated in the single’s marathon and Trust God he never gives a bounced cheque.By his Grace he gave me a wonderful wife and made us a wedding one of its kind in may 2007.I have participated in almost all your events including the 90 Minutes at the Gates of 2007"

A friend of mine too called Sister Peruth, and a student to your e coaching classes also got married.God gave her the husband of her dream.You said you wanted us to send you pics so that you can put on your website to remind the saints that God still answers prayers.See the pics, Myself, we are the couple in orange and sister Peruth with

her newly wed husband are the other photograph.Hope this glorifies God.

- Patrick M, Kampala

PS: The wedding photographs are posted on the website.

If You Really Desire To Get Married

This Special Report is entitled, “How to Release your Godly Spouse from the Evil Warehouse.” It is a message every Christian Elisha Goodman’s Special Report for Christian Singles
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who desires to get married to the RIGHT spouse, and stay married for a long period of time, should read.

The Bible says we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil, and that it is given to us to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God.

This rare message will touch on 3 little-known secrets that will make your search for that God-ordained spouse, “bone of your bone” and “flesh of your flesh” … to take a dramatic turn for the best, if you apply them.

There are the secrets of


Desert spirits 2.Marriage wasters, and the

3.Invisible warehouse.

Desert Spirits and Marriage Wasters are specialized satanic powers responsible for keeping a person in a prolonged state of singleness, loneliness and unfruitfulness.

While desert spirits prevent a person from being productive or fruitful and keeps her single and in a state of perpetual rejection, no matter how beautiful she looks, the waster makes a person who has been in a relationship to destroy it, lose it… and return to a state of loneliness and rejection.

As a mature Christian you should not be ignorant of the existence and operation of these spirits.

It is your responsibility to take up your God-given spiritual weapons to confront and overcome them.

The Bible says in Romans 8:32, “We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.”

Desert Spirits

A desert is a land that does not produce something.If you plant anything it will not yield.

A dry and terrible place
free prayer points elisha goodman
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Elisha Goodman For more FREE Special Reports, please visit: ... these obstacles in my life Elisha and I believe your prayer points really work. (
The Golden Key Action Plan - Prayer Cookbook For Busy People ...
free. You can also study the Bible as if you’re going to write an exam ... Turn Them Into “Prayer Points” Turning scriptures into prayer points ... (
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Elisha Goodman’s Special Report for Ch
Special Report

The 40 Prayer Points To Attract A Car or Anything Else
Elisha Goodman
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Firesprings, Inc.

2352 Timbercrest Avenue

Windsor, ON N8P 1S2
Page 1 of 20 ways of praying and also to share my testimonies with you.Only two months ago I started your prayer points and within the 3rd month I received my car.

3 weeks of praying for my Dream Job and Today I received my letter of appointmentI now have a new BMW 320i and my Dream Job of R25,000.00per month + 1% commission off all the sales people and consultants monthly package.

Praise be to God he is so good.

I thank you for showing me how to pray to God for success, and I thank God the Almighty for answering my prayers.

You are an answer to my prayers.

I have been praying to God to give me a spiritual mentor.I talked to a lot of people including pastors who I thought would help.One even thought I was demonic.God send “YOU”

Elisha -

my mentor through my sister.

Praise be to God.

Thank you so much your prayer point really works.

I wish I had found you sooner.God bless you.Your sister in Christ- Milly B, S/Africa--------

How can you get your hands on these 40 "muscular" prayer points?

Read on to find out …

Page 5 of 20 SECTION 2 The Secret

This is the OTHER secret of success that nobody wants to talk about.It separates the eagles from the “chickens.”

It marks the dividing

line between those who really “know” their God as Jehovah Jireh (the doers) and those who only talk about knowing God (the talkers) – and what a difference!

Most Christians

you know do not even have a clue this kind of prayer exists.They have NEVER handled it.No one has ever taught them.And that’s why you see so much poverty among otherwise wonderful, God fearing believers everywhere you turn.

It is also a very delicate prayer to pray.There are hidden “prosperity triggers” in each prayer point, which only few can decipher.

These hidden triggers are just what the angels of prosperity use as their “guideposts” to bring everything you need when you ask God for certain things in prayer.

BE WARNED: one false move in a prayer campaign of this nature can make it dive bomb faster than a lead balloon.My greatest concern is witnessing people attempting to pray this prayer without laying the necessary foundation …

and end up with another enormous frustrating experience.
I don’t want that to happen to you.
That is why I’ve made some effort to plug those of you who have been reading my emails into the mindset required to make this prayer work… Remember the prayer points on FOUNDATION

that you just received recently?

That will help you to

avoid another embarrassing experience of believing God for something and not laying the proper foundation to RECEIVE.

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I decided to give you, my readers, this closely-guarded prayer bullet AGAIN because people from all over the world were pleading with me to hold their hands and show them the way… the right way.

Here’s the way things are set up:

There are 3 parts to this prayer.

Parts I and 2 – are to be found in my ebook “Prayer Cookbook for Busy People”

Part 3 – is what you have in your hands here ...

this is the one Milly just prayed and attracted a brand new BMW into her garage, not to mention her new dream job!

Parts 1 and 2 lay the solid foundation needed for this prayer to work, while this part 3 zeroes in on the specifics.

You can use it to attract –

A new car

A new home

A dream job

A new business

Market hunger for your products

Profit into your business

New business partners

Funds into your business

Page 7 of 20 In the 10 years since I "discovered" these prayers, I have used them to attract all of the above and much, much more into my life.

Now, it's your turn ...Active users of my “Prayer Cookbook for Busy People” are already a step ahead.Apart from having the parts 1 and 2 of the prayers in their hands already, they are

getting 1,000 times more value than they realized when they first made their purchase.

That’s because they have access to a confidential email address where they are being

mentored step by step from start to finish until what they desired is physically in their hands.

They also receive

specially timed emails from me ...

these are very PRIVATE emails and no one else is

allowed access to them if they are not using the ebook… In these very private emails I analyze their dream life, in order to decode the hidden pieces of information that God plants in our dreams from time to time.

And yes, this type of "spiritual intelligence" can make the difference between success and failure in life.

Ask king Solomon, the richest and wisest man who ever lived.

Or Joseph who rose from slave boy to become prime minister of Egypt.

Or Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.

Or the great apostle Paul.

Or even Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered the New World ( a voice in his dream saying to him:

Page 8 of 20

"God will give you the keys of the gates to the ocean, which are enclosed in strong chains."
I'm sure they never told you that in your high school History lessons!

Surprised? You don't have to be.

God Himself said He will speak with us in dreams and often times, God in His faithfulness reveals to folks the solution to their problems in dreams.These dreams MUST be decoded and prayer points created (ba
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