Gsn Live Answers True Cheaters

Gsn Live Answers True Cheaters
Great Salt Lake GSLs ecosystem supports a complex food web.

If one part of the food web is altered, it has an effect on everything elseeither di-rectly or indirectly.

Things can become unstable and even collapse if one aspect or organism is changed!

One of the easiest ways to monitor Great Salt Lake is by watching the larger

organisms, like birds and brine shrimp
gsn live answers true cheaters
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They are

the health for the

rest of the ecosystem!Brine shrimp arent only food for birds and predatory beetles

brine shrimp cysts are harvested by people to feed commercially raised shrimp cysts in Utah brings a lot of money into the states economy each year!
brine fly larvae algae debris & dead organisms nutrients from decomposition

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the State Bird of
Utah, have numbered up to 160,000

WORLDS largest breeding population their peak populations have reached

assemblage, represent 55% of the entire

breeding population west of the Rocky
Eared Grebes are some of the most
abundant birds at GSLthey can

reach populations over 2,000,000!
That makes GSLs

grebes one of
the two largest staging populations
in North America.

winter populations of bald eagles in the
As many as 18,000

American White Pelicans
in the past, their migration population has

peaked at 85,000 birds!! Antelope Island is a great place to see most of these birds.

For other birding trails and peak times to see specific birds at specific locations, check out the Great Salt Lake Birding Wildlife Resources..
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