New Braunfels Offset Smoker Modifications

New Braunfels Offset Smoker Modifications
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Date of last update: 9/21/97This document is a compilation and summary of frequently asked questions and answers posted to theRick Thead BBQ List.

We hope this list of questions and answers will help you improve your barbecueskills.

This FAQ was edited by Bill Wight.

Please direct comments, corrections or suggested ) Copyright 1997

William W.Wight.

All rights reserved.

The contributions of the individual posterscontained within this document remain their property.

You may copy and distribute this document aslong as the contributor's names and this copyright notice remain intact.I have given credit for each answer provided in this document where the author was known.

Specialthanks for extra effort goes to Ed Pawlowski, Harry Jiles, Danny Gaulden, Jeff Lipsitt aka the BostonButt, Billy Maynard aka Belly, Rodney Leist, Kit Anderson, David Westebbe aka EskWIRED, DavidKlose, Rick Otto and Garry Howard.Special thanks also go to the BBQ List FAQ Team which gave me guidance, criticism and a lot ofsupport in putting together this document:

Ed Pawlowski, Lloyd Carver, Tom Kelly, Garry Howard,Rock McNelly, Rodney Leist, Dan Gill, and The Bear.The Mini-FAQ is mainly the work of Ed Pawlowski.My thanks also to the FAQ proof readers, Jon McCoy and my wife, Mary Wight.This FAQ is dedicated to the memory of Phil Wight, one of the original BBQ List members and a regularposter to the newsgroup.

Phil was always ready to share his knowledge, his ideas,recipes or the time of day.

Phil passed away on June 7, 1997.

We'll miss him.Page

2Table of ContentsTable of Contents1.Introduction to the BBQ List51.1.Who we are51.2.What we do here51.3.Charter51.4.Definition of terms62.What is barbecue?72.1.

Our definition72.2.

What is the "correct" way to spell it?73.Administrative83.1.How to get on the list83.2.

How to get off the list83.3.Posting guidelines83.4.Front porch rules apply93.5.Digest vs.

individual messages93.6.Where can I find the archived digests?93.7.

Where can I find the recipe archives?103.8.Are there other barbecue lists?103.9.

Is there a newsgroup about barbecue?103.10.

Confessions of a newbie to barbecue103.11.How can I get updates and different formats of this FAQ?114.Tell me about barbecue in general -- The Mini-FAQ115.


Home smokers205.1.1.New Braunfels Smokers225.1.2.Brinkmann Corporation255.1.3.

SnP Pro vs.the NBBD and Hondo265.1.4.BBQ Pits by Klose275.1.5.Oklahoma Joe's Pits285.1.6.Weber Grills295.1.7.

Char-Broil305.1.8.Cookshack Ovens315.2.

Homemade pits

This section under construction315.3.

Brick and block pits316.Hardware--accessories316.1.Thermometers316.1.1
new braunfels offset smoker modifications
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New Braunfels Smokers 22 5.1.2. Brinkmann Corporation 25 5.1.3. SnP Pro vs. the NBBD and Hondo 26 5.1.4. BBQ Pits by Klose 27 ... Smoker modifications 38 7.2.1. (
Offset Smokers
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.Pros and cons of thermometers336.1.2.Where should I measure the temperature?346.2.Tools347.Tell Me About Using Smokers367.1.Most common mistakes made by beginners367.2.Smoker modifications387.2.1.

Modifying charcoal-burning bullet water-type smokers387.2.2.Modifying the Hondo/NBBD or SnP Pro smokers397.3.Smoker maintenance427.4.Smoker temperature control447.5.Smoker fire control46Page

37.6.Using chips and chunks for smoke527.7.Wood vs.charcoal537.8.Briquettes vs.

lump charcoal537.9.Gas-fired smokers557.10.

Electrically-heated smokers558.Wood for smoking558.1.Types of wood suitable for smoking558.2.To bark or not to bark598.3.

Pre-burning wood598.4.Green or seasoned?608.5.What types of wood should I not use?608.6.How much does lump charcoal and smoking wood cost?609.Dry rubs and BBQ sauces619.1.Dry rubs619.2.BBQ sauces6610.We're smoking meats here7410.1.Pork7410.1.1.Ribs7410.1.2.Picnics and butts7910.1.3.Whole ham8410.1.4.

Pork chops8410.1.5.The Whole hog8510.1.6.Bacon8510.1.7.

Sausages8510.1.8.Hot dogs8610.2.Beef8610.2.1.Brisket8610.2.2.Jerky9210.2.3.Steaks9510.2.4.

Short Ribs9610.2.5.Roasts9610.3.Chicken9910.3.1.

Breasts9910.3.2.Leg quarters10010.3.3.Whole chicken10110.4.Turkey10210.4.1.Breasts10210.4.2.Legs10310.4.3.

Whole turkey10310.5.Pheasant10410.6.

Lamb10410.7.Venison10610.8.Fish10711.Freezing barbecue meat and leftovers11112.

What goes well with BBQ?11312.1.Coleslaw11312.2.Beans11412.3.Chili11612.4.


413.Barbecue portion size11914.Problems while barbecuing--What went wrong?11915.

Making Lump Charcoal12516.Smoking chiles12617.Books on barbecue12618.

Where do I buy this barbecue stuff?12819.Other Internet resources on barbecue131Page

5 Introduction to the BBQ List1.1.Who we areWhy, we're just a bunch of down-home folk, a lot like you.

We're carpenters, paleontologists, home-makers, plumbers, farmers, cooks and engineers (and just about everything in between).

We're a diversegroup that has one thing in common--we like barbecue.1.2.

What we do hereWe like to sit on the front porch, around the barbecue pit, watching the smoke rising out of the stack,drinking a beer or a Dr.Pepper and having us a real good chat about barbecue, the size of the universe,the meaning of life and other important stuff.We also, from time to time, if the feeling strikes us just right, and we've got a beer or Dr.Pepper in hand,will impart our "Q" knowledge to newcomers to barbecue that will enable them to increase theirbarbecuing skills to levels unheard of a hundred years ago.

So stick around, read the posts and join thefun.

Who knows, you might just learn a thing or two about barbecue, the size of the universe, the meaningof life and other important stuff.

BTW, if we don't know the answer to your question, we'll just make oneup.

CharterOur Charter--The BBQ Mailing List was st
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