Sample Internal Job Posting Announcement

Sample Internal Job Posting Announcement
Internal / External Job Posting

Closing Date: August 1, 2007

Position Title:

Fire Safety Industrial Hygiene (Subject Matter Expert) Coordinator Work Location: Job Number:4878 Number of Positions: One (1)

Minimum Qualifications: (Applicant must meet or exceed these minimum job requirements to apply for this position
sample internal job posting announcement
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INTERNAL JOB POSTING PROCESS The job posting process helps to identify and place qualified internal candidates in district jobs in an orderly and equitable manner ... (
Recruitment Procedures And Internal Posting Policy
Recruitment Procedures and Internal Posting Policy ... for performing a job analysis that evaluates the position in terms of its organizational (
Requirements - University Of Michigan Human Resources
2 SAMPLE JOB POSTING Posting Title: Administrative Assistant Description: Requirements: Note the comp etencies In the qu alifications (
.)Certified Occupational Health / Safety Technician Certified Associate Safety Professional Certified Safety Professional Experience in Petro / Chemical and Specific Requirements:

Regulatory Compliance

Major Deliverables

Internal / External Job Posting

Closing Date: August 1, 2007 Professional and Technical Expertise and Business Acumen:Professional and Technical Expertise

Demonstrates fundamental competence in discipline area

Maintains currency in technical knowledge areas required for successful work completion

Utilizes information and applies procedures to resolve problems Business Acumen

Demonstrates awareness of business and budgetary strategies and issues

Understands the financial implications of own actions

Understands business decision-making at Alyeska and how to add value to these decisions

Seeks to improve efficiencies of processes and procedures Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship: Participates in the

Reports unsafe working conditions and operational problems

Checks safety of equipment and work area regularly

Conducts Fire, Safety, I/H inspections, audits and assessments

Follows safety, environmental and emergency response plan requirements and procedures

Satisfactorily completes safety, environmental, and other required training

Complies with laws and regulations, including company policies and procedures Communication and Diversity: Communication

Clearly conveys thoughts and ideas to others

Selects the best method of communication to avoid misunderstandings

Seeks to understand and respond to others appropriately

Seeks and responds appropriately to feedback

Supports opinions with relevant and accurate information Diversity

Treats all people with dignity and respect

Participates in activities that enhance understanding of people and differences

Seeks opportunities to gain a better understanding of diversity

Respects and values others’ differences in experiences and cultural backgrounds Leadership and Teamwork: Leadership

Models high standards of ethical behavior

Adheres to codes of conduct

Accepts responsibility for personal behaviors and for meeting work commitments

Demonstrates personal commitment to team goals and teamwork

Seeks to promptly and appropriately resolve issues with others

Embraces and effectively adjusts to change Teamwork

Works effectively and constructively with team members

Understands the importance of contributing to team success

Willingly shares information and ideas with other team members

Salary will be determined based on experience, qualifications and attributes.Internal / External Job Posting

Closing Date: August 1, 2007
Core Job Content InformationStatus :

Active Last Modified Date: 6/4/2007 ensation Review Date: 1/1/0001 Core Job Title: FSIH SME Coord Job Code: 11C028 MVP Band: L Job Owner: Postishek,Andrew W Authority Level: Individual Contributor Job Family: Environment- Health & Safety


This position will work directly with P/L Management and Supervision as FSIH SME, provide guidance related to incident investigate, project planning and safety, Job and Task Loss analysis and investigation, safety plan review, provide training upon request, and corporate safety manual interpretation and review.Assist in the development and application of the company's FSIH standards (including maintenance/revisions of SA-38), policies and procedures to comply with applicable regulations that create a safe and environmentally sound workplace.Participate and conduct compliance assessments and audits.

Work daily with contractor FSIH personnel and their workforce to ensure compliance to the company's FSIH expectations.Provide safety support for the Emergency Response and Incident Management Teams in the role of Incident Safety Officer.Interact with the Industrial Hygienist by assisting in the conduct of workplace hazard assessments, sampling and monitoring.

Management & Supervisory Responsibility

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Analysis & Problem Solving

Emergency Response

Health & Wellness Management

Industrial Management

Education & Experience

Required Education Level :

Bachelors Level Degree

Required Education Major :


Required Certification :
Required Minimum Level of Job Related Experience

Required Previous Direct Work Experience With Degree(years) :

0 years

Details of Direct Experience :
Required Previous Related Work Experience With Degree(years) :

5 years

Details of Related Experience :
Preferred Education Level :

Bachelors Level DegreePreferred Education Major 1SafetyPreferred Education Major 2Industrial HygienePreferred Education Major 3SciencePreferred CertificationsOccupational Health / Safety Technician Associate Safety Professional.
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