Soa Service Specification

Soa Service Specification
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Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture 1.0 Committee Specification 1, 2 August 2006 Document Model for Service Oriented Architecture is an abstract framework for understanding significant entities and relationships between them within a service-oriented environment, and for the development of consistent standards or specifications supporting that environment.It is based on unifying concepts of SOA and may be used by architects developing specific service oriented architectures or in training and explaining SOA.

A reference model is not directly tied to any standards, technologies or other concrete implementation details.

It does seek to provide a common semantics that can be used unambiguously across and between different implementations.The relationship between the Reference Model and particular architectures, technologies and other aspects of SOA is illustrated in Figure 1.While service-orientation may be a popular concept found in a broad variety of applications, this reference model focuses on the field of software architecture.The concepts and relationships described may apply to other "service" environments; however, this specification makes no attempt to completely account for use outside of the software The errata page for this specification is at: rm-cs 2 August 2006 Copyright

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Notices OASIS takes no position regarding the validity or scope of any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use of the technology described in this document or the extent to which any license under s2006.All Rights Reserved.This document and translations of it may be copied and furnished to others, and derivative works that comment on or otherwise explain it or assist in its implementation may be prepared, copied, published and distributed, in whole or in part, without restriction of any kind, provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph are included on all such copies and derivative works.

However, this document itself should not be modified in any way, such as by removing the copyright notice or references to OASIS, except as needed for the purpose of developing OASIS specifications, in which case the procedures for copyrights defined in the OASIS Intellectual Property Rights document must be followed, or as requirerm-cs 2 August 2006 Copyright

OASIS Open 2005-2006.All Rights Reserved.Page 3 of 31 Table of Contents 1 1.1 What is a reference 1.2 A Reference Model for Service Oriented 1.3 1.4 Guide to using the reference 1.5 Notational 1.5.1 How to interpret concept Oriented 2.1 What is Service Oriented 2.1.1 A worked Service Oriented Architecture 2.2 How is Service Oriented Architecture Reference 3.2.1 3.2
soa service specification
Technical Specification Soa Blueprints Initiative Definition
PUBLIC REVIEW COPY 1 SUMMARY AND OVERVIEW The software industry has recently focused on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a way of developing … (
Technical Specification Soa Blueprints Reference Example ...
PUBLIC REVIEW COPY Get Transactions This payroll service is invoked from the portal to obtain a list of credit card transactions for a (
Specifying Services Using The Service Oriented Architecture ...
.2 Interacting with 3.2.3 Real World 3.3.1 Service 3.3.2 Policies and 3.3.3 Execution 4 Conformance 5 5.1 5.2 Non-Normative..rm-cs 2 August 2006 Copyright

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All Right) may be developed to explain and underpin a generic design template supporting a 5 specific Sntations, or other concrete details.14 As an illustration of the relationship between a reference model and the architectures that can 15 derive from such a model, consider what might be involved in modeling what is important about 16 residential housing.In the context of a reference model, we know that concepts such as eating 17 areas, hygiene areas and sleeping areas are all important in understanding what goes into a 18 house.There are relationships between these concepts, and constraints on how they are 19 implemented.For example, there may be physical separation between eating areas and hygiene 20 areas.

21 The role of a reference architecture for housing would be to identify abstract solutions to the 22 problems of providing housing.

A general pattern for housing, one that addresses the needs of its 23 occupants in the sense of, say, noting that there are bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and so on is a 24 good basis for an abstract reference architecture.The concept of eating area is a reference 25 model concept, a kitchen is a realization of eating area in the context of the reference 26 architecture.27 There may be more than one reference architecture that addresses how to design housing; for 28 example, there may be a reference architecture to address the requirements for developing 29 housing solutions in large apartment complexes, another to address suburban single family 30 houses, and another for space stations.

In the context of high density housing, there may not be 31 a separate kitchen but rather a shared cooking space or even a communal kitchen used by many 32 families.33 An actual

or concrete

architecture would introduce additional elements.

It would incorporate 34 particular architectural styles, particular arrangements of windows, construction materials to be 35 used and so on.A blueprint of a particular house represents a specific architecture as it applies to 36 a proposed or actually constructed dwelling.

37 The reference model for housing is, therefore,rm-cs 2 August 2006 Copyright

OASIS Open 2005-2006.All Rights Reserved.Page 5 of 31 Figure 1 shows how a reference model for SOA relates to other distributed systems architectural 47 inputs.

The concepts and relationships defined by the reference model are intended to be the 48 basis for describing references architectures and patterns that will define more specific categories 49 of SOA designs.

Concrete architectures arise from a combination of reference architectures, 50 architectural patterns and additional requirements, including those imposed by technology 51 environments.52 Architecture must account for the goals, motiv1 How the Reference Model
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MT " Pentagon extends some benefits to same-sex partners of service members ~Still a long way to go.
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