Student Autobiography Example

Student Autobiography Example
Biographical profile
Sample Student Biography

The biography should be submitted in bullet form.It should group community service, school activities, and academic achievements together (see below).

The biography may be any length and should highlight activities from 9th grade through 12th grade.You will highlight one or two of the activities listed in your biography when writing your essay.

The biography may be double or single spaced, but must be in bullet form.

Biographies sent in paragraph form will be voided.Please use the following illustration to submit your biography.Please place the following information at the top of your biography.

Students Name Current Grade High School Attending High School Phone Number

Community Services (Below are examples, please insert your information)

Member of Church Youth Group for 3 years

Volunteered at Hospital for one summer

Helped with community clean up: 40 hrs.

Assisted with local YMCA camp: 15 hrs.

Volunteered in Nursery: 10 hrs.

School Activities (Below are examples, please insert your information)

Member of pep club: 10, 11, 12

Member of science club:11, 12

Member of student council: 9, 10

Member of prom committee:11,

Member of football team: 10, 11, 12

Member of baseball team: 9,10

Academic Achievements (Below are examples, please insert your information)

Selected as top Senior

Received scholastic award

Received perfect attendance award

Received high honor award.
Autobiography Example I have always dreamed of being a teacher.I started out at _______Elementary me wanting to become a teacher.Through my middle school and high school career, I could not wait to go to college and begin my dream.I was born in a small town, which over the span of ten years, exploded into now the third largest town in Illinois.

What once was a farm field behind my house is now a neighborhood with million dollar homes.

My neighborhood was filled with many children my age.I spent most of my time playing outside with the neighborhood children.In my family, I have one sister who is three years older than me and one brother who is one year younger than me.I really appreciate the fact that I have a stay at home mother.

It was nice to come home to a house that was not empty.My dad is a high school biology teacher.

He has emphasized the importance of an education within our family.

He is the one who fostered my love for science.As a family, we always went camping for the entire summer.

We would leave a couple days after school ended and come back a week or so before school started.Our summers were always filled with lots of fthe world is, which interested me in nature.We traveled various places including Alaska, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.

As my dad taught me about nature, I realized how important it was to me.As I grew older, my dream started to shift from being a first grade teacher to something more.Between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I worked in northern Wisconsin at a summer camp for girls.

My main duties included being a counselor and great deal of class time outdoors.

During my second year at camp , I developed a water ecology unit which was taught to all of the girls.When I saw the amazement on the girls' faces when they discovered something new, it thrilled me.

It was then that I realized I

I came back to college my junior year and focused heavily on my biology courses.

I took many field classes and it was there that I met a very influential Eastern.

He had just graduated with his Ph.D.and seemed very enthusiastic about coming to Eastern.As the semester progressed, he helped me realize that I was meant of biology really showed.

He also helped me realize that one should go into a field of study because it makes one happy and excited.

Following my junior year, I received an internship at the International Wolf Center as an environmental educator.For three months, I was involved in doing several programs that lasted from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length.I had visitors that ranged from young children to senior citizens.This was the first time I was able to apply my experience of teaching both in an outdoor and indoor setting.From this experience, I learned how to become a strong, effective, and environmental educator
student autobiography example
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Autobiography Example I have always dreamed of being a teacher. I started out at _____Elementary School in _____ , Illinois eager and ready to learn. (
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.I also learned that this was my passion and I should follow it.

Now, as I finish up my education degree here at Eastern, I have many opportunities ahead of me.I am focused on teaching people to be aware of their surroundings and how much nature has to offer.

Many times we look at the big picture and do not realize that nature is alive.

It is my challenge to help people discover those mysteries.Back to the Portfolio Outcomes Section.

Student autobigraphy
Brief description

Students will benefit from reflecting on and chronicling their lives.

chapters of their lives: the early years, growing up, interests, and goals for the future.

Create/find visual images that represent significant life events and interests.Know the definition and components of an autobiography figure; someone well known to the students.several autobiographies as a resource for word wallwill likely want to know how to spell.Every time a child ascan write it on an index card and add it to pictures from magazines, or paste pictures of themselves and family and friends.Ask students to bring pictures of themselves to paste onto the first page and throughout their book.

Send a note home to explain to parentNote: Questions to ask are just a guidelintimes/events of their lives.

Make it clear to students that they do not have to answer every This project may be done independently.

Studentdifferent steps throughout the project, working on different chapters.Materials: for posting questions, index cards, markers, tape, lined paper, pencils, crayautobiography to the class but do not tell them who it is! Wrap the book cover so they cant see and dont mention the name of the person.

Have them guess who it is and share what they *Words to add to the word wall: autobiography Pass out blank books.Have students use the first paStudents should also leave a space on this page to add a picture of themselves.

Always give them lined paper so they may do the first draft and check the spelling.

*Words to

Who are you grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters? Where are they from?

Where have you lived?

What is your earliest memory?the word wall: early, years, grandmother, graDo you have special holiday traditions? Do you have a favorite memory with your family?t on lined paper and check the spelling.*Words to add to the word wall: special, uniqueany pets they have owned.

If they have not owned any pets, they can skip to writing about friends.

Describe a special memory you shared with your pet.Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling.*Words to add to Students will write about friends and playmates.

Have you had a very best friend?

Where did you meet them?

What adventures have you shared? Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling.

*Words to add to

Do you like school? Why or why not? Who has been your favorite teacher?Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling.*Words to add to rite, teacher, subject Student Autobiography for Grades 4Step 9 Students will write about vacations.

Questions to ask:

What activities do you do during summertime?

Do you know how to swim?

Who taught you?

What is the best family vacation you can remember?

Have you ever traveled to a different state or country? Have student write their first daft on lined paper and check the spelling.* Words to add to Can you think of anything else? Students will finish writing about growing up.Do you have a favorite hobby or special talent? Do you play a sport or an instrument? What do you like to do on you spare time? Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling.*Words to add to Students will continue writing about their interests.

What are your favorite things (food, books, music etc)?

Who are your heroes?

Do you own any collections? Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling.*Words to add to What else do you want the reader to know about you?

Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling

What changes would you like to see take place in your community or in the world? What accomplishments would you like to achieve? Have students write their first draft on lined paper and check the spelling.

*Words to add to ty, accomplishments, achievements themselves and magazines (optioStudents will continue decorating their books.The them for display at the Celebration..
I've decided my autobiography will be called "Diary of a Feminist Student". Based on "Diary of a Wombat".
This musical autobiography is turning out to be more difficult than I thought.. ( Tivoli Student Union w/ 2 others)
Writing an autobiography for student teaching is not easy.
Might go out & buy autobiography so I can jump on the class-action lawsuit. Hey! Student gotta eat!
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