Thwarting Compulsory Attendance

Thwarting Compulsory Attendance
Thwarting complaint form

PRECINCT _____ COUNTY, TEXAS PARENT OR GUARDIAN CITY, STATE, ZIP IN THE NAME AND BY AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, on this day personally appeared the undersigned Affiant, who after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says that Affiant has good reason to believe and does believe and charge that on or about _________________________, _______, in Collin County, Texas, Precinct ___, _____________________________, a parent or person standing in parental relation to ______________________________, child within compulsory school attendance age and not lawfully exempt and not properly excused from school attendance, did intentionally, knowingly, recklessly and with criminal negligence, fail to require the child to attend of school), where the child was regularly enrolled, as required by law, after having been warned in writing on ____________________, ______, by ______________________________, a proper Telephone.
TRUANCY WARNING &#x W00;.00; 00;&#x W00;.00; 00;NOTICE &#x W00;.00; 00;

Warning/English NOTICE:

LAWS GOVERNING COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE IN TEXAS SCHOOLS Failure to comply with the laws governing compulsory attendance may result in legal action.OFFICIAL NOTICE TO THE CHILD AND PERSON(S) STANDING IN PARTENTAL RELATION TO THE CHILD:within a 6-month period or 3 or more days or parts of days within a 4-week period from school.

The attendance committee may, if the student has established a questionable pattern of absences, also require a physician or clinics statement of illness after a single days absence as a condition of classifying the absence as one for which there are extenuating circumstances.

Plano ISD Policy FEC (Local) Personal Illness Unless specifically exempt, an enrolled student who is eligible an extended-year program or required tutorials classes that is provided by the district for students identified as likely not to be promoted to the next grade level.(Saturday School, Friday-Nite Live, Tutorials and/or any after-hours school are considered to be extended-year programs.Education Code 25, 086 and 29, 084 Absences such as vacations and trips (except those excused by the principal for unusual circumstances), babysitting, working (including modeling), and nonschool-sponsored athletic events and programs shall be considered unexcusedPISD Policy FED (Local) Education Code 25.087 Please sign the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT below, and return the signed original to your childs school.

If you have any questions, you may contact the school your child is attending.

> 00;ENT &# 00; I have received information governing compulsory attendance.

My signature is only as acknowledgment that I have received this Notice.

STUDENTS NAME: : ____________________________ HOME #) #) ).
Attendance policy
Attendance Procedures

General Attendance Requirements

Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his or her education.

To benefit from teacher-the previous day, to grow as an individual, and for exposure to the activities that make learning come alive, students need to be in class every school day.

Absences from class therefore, the student and parent should make every effort to avoid unnecessary absences.

Two state laws, one dealing with compulsory attendance, the other with attendance for course credit, are of special interest to students and parents.Each of these laws is discussed within the following information.

Compulsory Attendance

[TEC 25.087, Policy FEA]

The state compulsory attendance law requires that a child between the ages of 6 and 18 must attend school, as well as any extended year program, and/or district required tutorials sessions, unless the student is otherwise legally exempted.

Students enrolled in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten shall attend school and are subject to compulsory attendance as well.

A student who voluntarily attends or enrolls after his eighteenth birthday is required to attend each school day until the end of the school year.However, if a student eighteen or older has more than five unexcused absences in a semester, the on school property is then unauthorized and may be considered trespassing
thwarting compulsory attendance
<<< Truancy Warning Notice >>> Plano Public Schools Attendance ...
A parent/guardian commits and offense of thwarting compulsory attendance under Education Code Sec. 25.093, if, after having been warned in writing, ... (
A parent/guardian commits an offense of thwarting compulsory attendance under Education Code 25.093 if, after having been warned in writing, a child has unexcused (
Texas Education Code (tec) - Northside Independent School …
TEXAS EDUCATION CODE (TEC) Sec. 25.085. COMPULSORY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. (a) A child who is required to attend school under this section shall … (

School employees must investigate and report violations of the state compulsory attendance law.

A student absent from school without permission from any class; from required special programs; from additional instruction assigned by a placement/attendance committee or from required tutorials will be considered in violation of the compulsory attendance law and subject to disciplinary action.

A school aged student deliberately not attending school may also result in assessment of penalties by a court of law against both the student and/or his or her parents.

A complaint may be filed in the appropriate court if the student:

1.Is absent from school ten (10) or more days, or parts of days, within a six month

period in the same school year, or 2.Is absent from school on three (3) or more days, or parts of days, within a four

week period.
Legal Exemptions to Compulsory Attendance

State law allows exemptions to the compulsory attendance requirements for several types of absences.

With documentation, these absences will be excused.

These include the following activities and events:

Religious holy days; Required court appearances; Activities related to obtaining United States citizenship; Service as an election clerk; Documented health-care appointments, including absences for recognized services for students in special education.

Please note:

Health care appointments should be made for a time that will not conflict with school hours when possible.

District Exemptions to Compulsory Attendance

A person required to attend school due to compulsory attendance law may be excused for temporary absence from any unusual cause acceptable to the District and documented appropriately.

Such causes may include, but are not limited to 1) personal illness;

2) school nurse request; 3) family emergency or death; 4) board approved extra-curricular activities; 5) approved college visitation.

Absences due to personal illness

Any absence as stated above.

However, there are times when parents choose to keep ill children home from school without a doctor appointment.

In order to give parents that discretion, but still protect the compulsory attendance laws, the Aubrey Independent School District will excuse two (2) absences for illness per semester (not accruable) per child when the parent or guardian provides a note with the following information upon returning to school.

Illness Excuse note must include: Date of Absence Reason for Absence Contact Phone Numbers/Email Address Signature of a note is not provided when the student returns to school, the absences will be unexcused.

Wtwo (2) consecutive days, the student shall provide a statement from a physician or health clinic verifying the illness or other condition .

Absences due to school nurse request

Each school is equipped with a health room.The health room is designed to treat minor or children who have become ill during the school day.Should a student become ill, persons designated on the enrollment card will be contacted to pick up the student.A student will be sent home if they exhibit the following:

Fever of 100 degrees or higher Vomiting and/or diarrhea Itching, red eyes with discharge Unknown rash

Ringworm of the scalp (until treatment has started) Communicable diseases listed by the Texas State Department of Health.

When a student is sent home by the school nurse or nurse assistant, absence is excused for the day they are sent home and the following day, if the student still shows the symptoms above.

Head lice or nits

When a child is sent home for lice infestation, he or she shall not be excused for more than 48 hours.

The child is expected to return to school the next day.

A parent or other adult must accompany the student to the readmission screening to provide transportation home in the event that the student is not free of lice and nits.(FFAD Local)

Absences due to family emergency or death

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances or unforeseen instances requiring immediate attention, such as a death in the immediate family, may occur causing a student absence.

Please contact the school prior to the absence when at all possible.

Upon return, please send information documenting the absence so that it may be excused.

Absences due to board-approved extr
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